Taxman Adventures – Ted Meets Dan

Ted The Taxman has been out visiting clients again. This time his travels have taken him to see clients in the Gayndah region where he met local mascot Dan The Orange Man.
Our very own partner Kaye Emmerton is from the Gayndah region and it’s close to her heart. The Gayndah region is known for producing citrus and top quality cattle.

If you ever get the chance you should visit Gayndah as it has a very rich history. Exploration of the Gayndah area began in 1847, the first European settlers arrived in 1848, and the town was established in the following year. Gayndah is one of the oldest officially Gazetted towns in Queensland and includes colourful incidents such as when the Queensland bush ranger known as ‘The Wild Scotsman’ held up the town probably looking to make a withdrawal from the new bank. The first citrus orchard was planted in 1892 when local farmer William Seeney planted 106 orange and mandarin trees.

I wonder where he will be next time?


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