Steptember 2018 – Week 3

Steptember 2018 – Week 3 – The Home Straight

Our steppers are into the last week of Steptember, and are looking forward to a well-earned break but still have almost 1 million steps to go. We are on target with our current step total at 3,773,355 steps. Even more exciting than the 2,188km we’ve travelled, is the fact we’ve reached our fund raising target within those 3 weeks. Thank you to everyone for your generous support! Now its time to push to see if we can raise even more. If you still want to, you can make a donation this week to one of our team members through the link below and help us raise even more for Cerebral Palsy Alliance.

Last week, we stepped our way over to Clifford Gouldson Lawyers and enjoyed their kind hospitality and friendly conversation they provided in support of our Steptember cause.  Thanks guys, maybe we’ll be competing against you next Steptember!

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