Financial Health Check

For your peace of mind, whether in business or concerned about your personal affairs, Cheesman Applegarth Accountants can provide the confidence to know how your finances are shaping up.

We have a highly advanced system called Fathom, which enables us to take all the complex issues of business and relay simple, effective methods to help you build a healthy, sustainable business.

Our confidential services will:

● Check and review your financial information.
● Review your bank statements.
● Review your profit and loss.
● Review your debts. Help you decide if you can consolidate or reduce your debt. Help with research for a better rate.
● Review your current debtors and general situation.
● Focus on some KPIs and financial ratios, including liquidity and solvency ratios.
● Encourage you to review your situation on a weekly basis.

We can assist you to meet all legal requirements and regulations in regard to how you manage your finances, staff and clients.

Seeking our expert advice will reduce the risks and stress as you become better informed.

If you are in any doubt of your financial situation we can find better financial practices to improve the performance of your business. Contact our office by telephone or email and come and see us for a private appointment.

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