Business Planning

Cheesman Applegarth Accountants have the know-how to help you increase and protect the value of your business. We possess the business acumen to help you make the right choices, tailored to suit your business.

Your business should provide you with income, be profitable and when you choose to, should be able to be sold so you can realise its worth.

To maximise the value, of your business you must develop strategies and solutions that will increase your profits and set up your business so that the risk to a potential purchaser is low. The purchaser will then retain their capital and increase their income. This is referred to as your return on investment (ROI). ROI is very important. We strive to improve your ROI and increase cash and profit.

Seeking our expert advice will reduce the risk of financial loss. Take control of the value of your business using our proven methods to address the key areas of your business and reach your goals.

We can help you and your staff to make the most of your time, while reducing stress levels. Our team will ensure that your business meets all legal requirements and regulations in regard to how you manage your finances, staff and clients.

We will work with you in the area of profit improvement to continuously monitor and measure the drivers that impact on your profit. You need to create a picture of how that will work by improving business performance in:

Regular contact with us will provide the peace of mind you need in this important part of your life.

We encourage you to see us in person to talk with one of our dedicated specialists. This is your opportunity to make the best choices to save you time and money.

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