Great Time to Get Efficient

Have you or are you thinking about a new washing machine, refrigerator or beating the heat with a new air conditioner. If your new appliance are efficient and meet the eligibility requirements you may be entitled to rebates up to $700.

When you buy a new appliance or replace an existing one, choosing an energy‑efficient model can save you money on your bills and reduce your energy use without compromising on any of the product features you would expect to enjoy. The running costs of your household appliances can add up over time and will impact on your electricity bill for the lifetime of the appliance. An energy efficient refrigerator or washing machine can save up to $50 a year. An energy efficient air conditioner could save up to $135 per year. At the moment there are 2 schemes that can help people get more efficient, the Queensland Government’s energy efficient appliance rebate and Energex/Ergon Energy’s PeakSmart air conditioning incentive scheme.

Great Time to Get Efficient

Queensland Government’s energy efficient appliance rebate

Rebates will apply to purchases on or after 1 January 2018 of the following household appliances:

Limited to 1 rebate application per household. Funding is limited.

More information

*Update applications have now opened

This information regarding energy efficient appliance rebate eligibility is provided as a guide only and does not entitle you to a rebate. Your eligibility for a rebate will be checked as part of the application process.

To be eligible for a rebate, the appliance must:

Ergon Energy’s PeakSmart Program/Energex’s Positive Payback Program

In addition to the government rebate if you install a new PeakSmart air conditioner you can apply for cashback of up to $400!

Residential customers can claim the cashback for up to 5 air conditioners:

Energex’s Positive Payback Program (for South East Queensland customers)
Ergon Energy’s PeakSmart Program (for regional Queensland customers including Toowoomba)

Check with Energex or Ergon Energy regarding the eligibility criteria for their PeakSmart programs and to apply.



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